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Terms and Conditions

1. Any Individual, can register as Delegate/Student/Media. However, In case of individuals/students below 10 years of age, entry to the theatre is restricted.
2. The Delegate/Student/Media Cards will be issued subject to verification of proof of identification such as Identity Card issued by appropriate body, Electoral Cards, Passport, Driving License , PAN Card etc.
3. Registration Fees:
– 18 years of age & above – 200/-
– 18 years of age & below – Free entry for the film screenings.
4. On verification of all records, and approval thereof, the Delegate/Student/Media Card will be issued. If the information found false or wrong, the card will not be issued and the money paid via online transaction will not be refunded.
5. Multiple registrations by the same person shall be rejected by the system.
6. The Delegate/Student/Media Card once Issued cannot be cancelled, it is Non-Transferable.
7. The Delegate/Student/Media Card is only valid for entry to all theaters at festival screenings.
8. Seating will be on a “First-Come, First Served” basis. The delegate must vacate the auditorium after every show.
9. At all screenings, some seats will be reserved for special invitees of BCIFF. Delegate/Student/Media will not be allowed to reserve seats..
10. This Delegate/Student/Media Card is not valid for Opening and Closing functions.
11. All rights of admission are reserved with BCIFF.

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